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I use this upload handler from django-snippets.

I know that one way to add your custom upload handler to Django is adding it to the settings:


but it's not good since, I want this upload handler to be applied only to certain cases.

I have form with file field that I am submitting using ajaxSubmit (jquery-forms I believe) because regular jQuery's ajax doesn't submit file fields. The problem is that this ajaxSubmit function starts uploading the file before my send_file view is run, which is what I don't want since in my send_file view I insert my upload handler:

def send_file(request):
    request.upload_handlers.insert(0, ProgressUploadHandler(request, PROJECT_PATH+MEDIA_URL+"files/"))

and I'm getting this error:

AttributeError: You cannot alter upload handlers after the upload has been processed.

Please help, I would like to start uploading the file in my view function, don't want it to start before the view will be executed :( maybe there is a way to prevent ajaxSubmit from uploading the files. (ajaxSubmit compared to ajax sends request.FILES to the view)

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