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How do I join two strings in a list with a space, like:

["StringA", "StringB"]


"StringA StringB"
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If what you have is an arbitrary list, then you can use Enum.join, but if it's for just two or three, explicit string concatenation should be easier to read

"StringA" <> " " <> "StringB"

However, often you don't need to have it as a single string in memory if you're going to output it through e.g. the network. In that case, it can be advantageous to use an iolist (a specific type of a deep list), which saves you from copying data. For example,

iex(1)> IO.puts(["StringA", " ", "StringB"])
StringA StringB

Since you would have those strings as variables somewhere, by using a deep list, you avoid allocating a whole new string just to output it elsewhere. Many functions in elixir/erlang understand iolists, so you often wouldn't need to do the extra work.

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I had some trouble to find it out(was searching for a solution in the String module) so I wanted to share it with you guys.

Enum.join(["StringA", StringB], " ")

will return

"StringA StringB"
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The alternative syntax using the pipeline operator: ["StringA", "StringB"] |> Enum.join " " –  Ryan Cromwell Dec 31 '13 at 2:26

An Enum.reduce would work too for your example no ?

iex(4)> Enum.reduce(["StringA", "StringB"], fn(x, acc) -> x <> " " <> acc end) "StringB StringA"

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You could also do 'string A' ++ ' ' ++ 'string B'

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Small typo in tiagofm's answer (missing the quotes around the second string)

iex(5)> Enum.join(["StringA", "StringB"], " ")
"StringA StringB"
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