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We are using Oracle ADF Faces in a new web project. I am always looking for an unobtrusive user experience with progressive enhancement and valid XHTML output. It seems however that ADF Faces produce ugly, non-validating (table based) HTML output that reminds me of 1994 when using their standard components.

Is there a way to configure ADF Faces or create templates for the components so we can have complete control over the generated (X)HTML?

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ADF is a continuation of BC4J, so this is why you are experiencing non-validating HTML again. Instead, try to write your own custom UI components.

Unfortunately, Stack Overflow does not bear much fruit in terms of Oracle help. Perhaps asking on Oracle OTN would help. Maybe raising an issue with meta-link too.

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You can not influence the ADF output HTML code. And rewitring all the JSF components is not an option. You can use Google Chrome which formats the HTML code for you.

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