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I have a really interesting problem regarding the Facebook open graph search.

for 2 months I've been using the following request in order to fetch nearby places from Facebook:, 34.884308&fields=id,name,link, category_list,likes,location,phone,checkins,picture,cover,website,hours,about,description&limit=100&offset=0&access_token=xxxxxxxxxxxxx

this query, with those coordinates, returned between 50-70 results.

Suddenly, few days ago this query started to return always only 15 results.

I tried to change the coordinates to some point on Las-Vagas strip, which suppose to have a L-O-T of bars nearby, But still - I get 15 results maximum. And actually I've found out any coordinates I put return only 15 results maximum.

I try to execute this request in a clean environment through the graph api explorer, I tried to use the equivalent fql query, But no help. Since that day i can't get more the 15 results for this request.

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here is the answer, by Facebook in the Facebook Community Discussion. "We have managed to reproduce this issue and it appears to be a valid bug. We are assigning this to the appropriate team." here is the link

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Wow! Thank you! I was losing me mind... – user1645556 Dec 30 '13 at 18:17

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