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Exponentiation over church numerals is defined as:

expt ≡ λmnsz.nmsz

But I'm having some trouble evaluating it in cases where the power is not 0 or 1. Consider this example:

expt C3 C2 ≡ [λmnsz.nmsz](λsz.s^3 z) (λsz.s^2 z)


λsz.s^2 z = λsz.s(sz)

and Cn represent Church Numeral n

Substituting for m and n, I get:

λsz. (λsz.s^2 z)(λsz. s^3 z)sz
λsz. (λsz.s^2 z)(s^3 z)
λsz. (s^3)^2 z

And by the fact that

λsz. (s^m)^n z = s^(m*n) z

the last statement is reduced to

C6 ≡ λsz. s^6 z 

but expt C3 C2 should evaluate to C9.

So where did I go wrong?

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