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Lest say I have a web application called example.com

everything is ok with it and both www.example.com and example.com redirect to the correct A record "@" defined on the GoDaddy Zone file.

The thing is, that my back office web application is on a different Azure server than the main site (site is on example.com and the back office needs to be on office.example.com). for that i have created another server on Azure. example.com is on example.azurewebsites.net office.example.com is on example-office.azurewebsites.net (azure management site shows that both server have the same ip)

(Btw, is that what I should have done?)

What I tried was: 1. add "office" A Record on Goddady that redirects the same ip (in addition to @) - didnt work. 2. add "office" CNAME that redirects to example-office.azurewebsites.net - didnt work

In both cases i added the awverify and the awverify.www as followed:

awverify.office is awverify.example-office.azurewebsites.com awverify.www.office is awverify.www.example-office.azurewebsites.com

Azure Manage Domains doesnt recognize office.example.com

What should I do at GoDaddy's to make it work?


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