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Lest say I have a web application called

everything is ok with it and both and redirect to the correct A record "@" defined on the GoDaddy Zone file.

The thing is, that my back office web application is on a different Azure server than the main site (site is on and the back office needs to be on for that i have created another server on Azure. is on is on (azure management site shows that both server have the same ip)

(Btw, is that what I should have done?)

What I tried was: 1. add "office" A Record on Goddady that redirects the same ip (in addition to @) - didnt work. 2. add "office" CNAME that redirects to - didnt work

In both cases i added the awverify and the awverify.www as followed: is is

Azure Manage Domains doesnt recognize

What should I do at GoDaddy's to make it work?


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You're on the right track. You need to first add the CNAME record office to point to, then add the domain to the azure website (this will check for the CNAME record before it accepts, remember that it could take up to an hour or more for this to catch your new DNS zone updates). – Tarek Ayna Aug 5 '15 at 17:16

you can find solution (godaddy screenshots included) here

  • CNAME or A records pointing to IP or domain is right solution
  • adding awverify is needed only if using A record
  • better solution is to use CNAME - after stopping web service and starting again, you will receive probably different IP addres in azure (or you can use traffic manager)
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