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I'm using sublime text 2 to code my programs. And i want to run the console within it to compile and run them. Is there any way to embed the console command line inside sublime text 2? is it already there?

Note: I'm using both Windows and Linux and solution for any of thoes systems will be helpful.

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I think you can try creating a custom Build System. Tools --> Build System --> New Build System... This is a simple build script for the C programming language:

    "cmd" : ["gcc", "$file", "-o", "$file_base_name"],
    "cmd" : ["$file_base_name"],
    "selector" : "source.c",
    "shell" : true,
    "working_dir" : "$file_path"

enter image description here Change the current build system to the new one in Tools. When you press CTRL + b it will compile your code and run your executable file. A few syntaxes and options that you can use: There are definitely many more other options that you can declare in the build system. A very useful one is file_regex.

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Will Bond created an excellent plugin for calling the terminal at project or file level.
Have a look here

There are also several plugins available that compile at the click of a button, i.e.
C# -
Typescript -
Coffee Script -
... and so on, depending on your programming language.

I recommend browsing Will's page if you are not happy with this terminal plugin:

Hope this helps!

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