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I am an angular js newbie and trying to figure out what class=ng-binding is in this example:

<label ng-dblclick="editTodo(todo)" class="ng-binding">fghfgh</label>

found here:


I use chrome and developer tools, elements. Is this an angular keyword , I could not find it in the manual http://docs.angularjs.org/api/ng.directive:ngBind?

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class="ng-binding" is used internally by Angular. For example, looking at the ngBind source we find this line that adds the class and associates the binding with it using .data:

 element.addClass('ng-binding').data('$binding', attr.ngBind);

That's why this line of Angular source (noting the double curlys on {{todo.title}} result in an ngBind):

<label ng-dblclick="editTodo(todo)">{{todo.title}}</label>

Is translated into what you see in the debugger:

<label ng-dblclick="editTodo(todo)" class="ng-binding">fghfgh</label>

So class="ng-binding" isn't something you should use. You'll find Angular frequently uses classes, comments and other markers- so you'll often see this kind of change between the original html and the Angular processed results.

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