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This is my table:


I'm trying to make a list of the users with most earnings (TOP List). I was using SUM(earnings) and GROUP BY username, but I want to SUM the upline_earnings too.

In the table above user1 is upline of test, so all earnings from test should be counted as user1 earning.

This is my code:

SELECT COUNT (a.id) as total,
             (SUM(CASE WHEN b.upline=a.username THEN b.up_earnings ELSE 0 END)+SUM(a.earnings)) as tot_earnings,
             SUM(a.dls) as tot_dls,
FROM logs a left join logs b ON a.username=b.upline
GROUP BY a.username ORDER BY tot_earnings DESC

But it isn't working! Looks like the results from table A is going duplicated: http://i.stack.imgur.com/Mefht.png

Any help is welcome!


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Images? That's not how we roll. –  Strawberry Dec 30 '13 at 1:27

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I think you want to aggregate the table by username before doing the join. If I understand what you are trying to do, this might be the query:

SELECT l.username, count(*) as total_uplines,
       coalesce(sum(b.up_earnings), 0) + l.earnings as tot_earnings,
FROM (select l.username, sum(l.earnings) as earnings,
             sum(l.dls) as tot_dls
      from logs l
      group by l.username
     ) l left join
     logs b
     ON l.username = b.upline
GROUP BY l.username, l.earnings, l.tot_dls
ORDER BY tot_earnings DESC;
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Worked perfectly! Thanks!! One question, if I had to add a WHERE clause to check if date is today, I must add in both SELECT clause? –  user3144996 Dec 30 '13 at 1:43
@user3144996 . . . Probably. If you only want earnings and up_earnings from today, then you would want to add the filter to both. –  Gordon Linoff Dec 30 '13 at 2:05

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