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                String qTotal = "SELECT MsThread.ID, MsThread.ThreadName, Count(MsThread.ThreadName) AS TotalPost, ThreadCategory FROM MsThread LEFT OUTER JOIN MsPosts ON MsThread.ThreadName = MsPosts.ThreadName GROUP BY MsThread.ID, MsThread.ThreadName, MsThread.ThreadCategory;";

                ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery(qTotal);

                    int size = 0;

                        out.println("no data");

Guys, here's what happened, when i tried to run the query it shows 3 result (http://s29.postimg.org/6qiv9kc9j/ss_forum.png) but when i run the while(rs.next())size++; it returns 4, and when i try to show the data, it gives me invalid cursor state, so is there anything wrong with my query?


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Is this JDBC? How did you initialize stmt ?. By default when you call the createStatement() in a connection it will be a rs of "TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY". The first() method should throw an exception if this is the case... –  Javier Dec 30 '13 at 5:53

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The default sensitivity of a ResultSet is TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY, which means that it cannot be scrolled; you cannot call any of these methods that move the cursor -

  • previous
  • first
  • last
  • beforeFirst
  • afterLast
  • relative(int rows)
  • absolute(int row)

Except next, your ResultSet cannot be scrolled. If your resultset if created with default sensitivity then they can not be scrolled using rs.first(); after moving to last end via rs.next() in while statement.

but when i run the while(rs.next())size++; it returns 4,

When a ResultSet object is first created, the cursor is positioned before the first row, so you are getting 4.


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