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I am a bit new to wordpress child theme. I just created a child theme(portfolio-child) for the portfolio as parent theme. It seems working fine but there is some issues as well which i should express here:

-i get the css from parents theme as well but the style of my page changes eg. my body background remains white though it was diffrent in parents theme. moreover there is change in width of the different section of the page(sidebar..) what might be this??

-next issue is that,no doubt that my footer,header,sidebar etc template overriding was success and i found the changes that i wished to. But at the same time i wanted to changes the slider in my child theme(as in parents theme it was not working). I tried to do that but when i reload the page the slider shows from the parents theme. What might be the issue??.I am using the same template name as slider.php in both cases and also have replaced all code of parents theme by my new code in slider.php...

please let me know

thanks in advance suku

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