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I have an application in centos VM running in amazon EC2 and now I need to migrate it to windows azure. Is there a way to copy a snapshot to azure??

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It is probably best to build up new images. Your EC2 instance has the centos support bits for EC2, while an Azure CentOS image (such as the OpenLogic one) will have the waagent installed and configured... ideally your setup scripts will be repeatable and documented to enable this. –  Jeff Wilcox Dec 31 '13 at 19:04

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I wish to answer it step by step, but I found a link that is more than good & have almost details required to migrate an existing instance from Amazon EC2 to Windows Azure with video. The link is Guided Hands-on Lab: Migrate VMs to Windows Azure from Amazon AWS [ 20 Key Cloud Scenarios with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services ]

I hope it will help.

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