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I have read multiple answers explaining how to make TortoiseGit remember passwords. Unfortunately, after

git config --global credential.helper wincred

and putting

machine IP
login ServerUserName
password Password

in C:\Users\PCUserName\_netrc TortoiseGit is still asking for my password (and so is git fetch from command line; I've selected "use TortoisePLink" when installing Git). I've also added user name and password manually in Credential Manager, which didn't help. I also have copied .ssh folder from my Linux workstation to C:\Users\PCUserName and have the key in ~/ServerUserName/authorized_keys on the server. The protocol is ssh: and http/https isn't set up on server, so I can't try to switch to them.

Any ideas? I don't care about encrypting the password, since everything is on intranet.

Versions: msysgit 1.8.4-preview20130916, TortoiseGit

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_netrc and .ssh? Those are for two different authentication mechanism.

The first one is for https (and don't need wincred), the second one for ssh.

Make sure wincred is not registered in your git config, and that HOME is defined in your user environment variable (then relaunch TortoiseGit).
It should pick up your %HOME%\_netrc credentials if your remote url is an https one.

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"The protocol is ssh: and http/https isn't set up on server, so I can't try to switch to them." Ok, so I can't use _netrc. –  Alexey Romanov Dec 30 '13 at 11:53
@AlexeyRomanov sure. Make sure your HOME is correctly set, and that your Pagent contains the passphrase of your private key (if you have a private key protected by a passphrase): stackoverflow.com/a/11249914/6309 –  VonC Dec 30 '13 at 12:54

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