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When I nest OpenCL's as_type operators, I get some strange errors. For example, this line works:

 a = as_uint(NAN)&4290772991;

But these lines do not work:

 a = as_float(as_uint(NAN)&4290772991);

 a = as_uint(as_float(as_uint(NAN)&4290772991));

The error reads:

invalid reinterpretation: sizes of 'float' and 'long' must match

This error message is confusing, because it seems like no long is created by this code. All values here appear to be 32-bits, so it should be possible to reinterpret cast anything.

So why is this error happening?

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In C99, undecorated decimal constants are assumed to be signed integers and the compiler will automagically define the constant as the smallest signed integer type which can hold the value using the progression int, then long int, then finally unsigned long int.

The smallest signed integer type which can hold 4290772991 is a 64 bit signed type (because of the sign bit requirement). Thus, the as_type calls you have where the reinterpret type is a 32 bit type fail because of the size mismatch between the 64 bit long int the compiler selects for your constant and the target float type.

You should be able to get around the problem by changing 4290772991 to 4290772991u. The suffix will explicitly denote the value as unsigned, and the compiler should select a 32 bit unsigned integer. Alternatively, you could also use 0xFFBFFFFF - there are different rules for hexadecimal constants and it should be assigned a type from the progression int, then unsigned int, then long int, then finally unsigned long int.

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