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All, I just configured SSL for my cloud service with self-signed certificate by following steps.

  1. create self-signed certificate using makecert.exe.
  2. import the certificate to the cloud service. and also import the certificate to local machine personal store.
  3. add certificate configuration for the web role in the visual studio 2010.
  4. publish the project to cloud services.

and It works fine. But when I tried to import RemoteAccess and RemoteForwarder modules to the configuration. and use the same certificate for the SSL and RemoteAccess.

the publish action will fail with the error: the remote desktop certificate with thumbprint xxxxx does not have a type of key exchange and can not be used for decryption.

When I remove the RemoteAccess. Everything will be fine.

Did anyone ever encounter this issue before ? I didn't know if it is allowed for the cloud service . I mean using the same certificate for the SSL and RemoteAccess. Thanks.

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I think the problem is you don't have key exchange property for your certificate, instead of using the same certificate for SSL and remote. Maybe you can add -sky exchange parameter for makecert.exe and try again.

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Thanks your reply, :) In SO , I didn't met Chinese guys before. I am in shenzhen. Where are you now ? thanks. –  Joe.wang Dec 31 '13 at 8:23
I'm in Beijing. Hopefully my reply helps you :) –  Shaun Xu Dec 31 '13 at 8:27
So what you mean is I can use the same one with SSL cert, But need generate the cert with the key exchange property to be provided . right ? –  Joe.wang Dec 31 '13 at 8:33
Yes that's what's I suggested. –  Shaun Xu Jan 1 at 7:50

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