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I have an string like this:

string s1 = "abc,tom,--Abc, tyu,--ghh";

This string is dynamic, and I need to remove all substrings starting with "--".
Output for the example string:

s1 = "abc,tom, tyu";

How can I remove these substrings?

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You should state how the ends of the substrings are marked. It appears to be with either a comma or end of string, but you should really say that in your question. – Jonathan Leffler Jan 18 '10 at 6:44
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Look at String.Replace

I am sorry, I should have read the question correctly. Regex comes to mind, for your case.



string s1 = "abc,tom,--Abc, tyu,--ghh";
var s2 = s1
  .Where(s => s.StartsWith("--") == false)
  .Aggregate((start, next) => start + "," + next);
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String.Replace would not remove the item it would just remove the -- – Binoj Antony Jan 18 '10 at 6:22


Regex.Replace(s1, "--[^,]*,?", "");

This will search the string for blocks that start with --, have some characters that are not commans (spaces or letter), and the comma (optional - there's no comma in the end).

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