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I have the following query (just learning fulltext searches):

SELECT * FROM table WHERE MATCH (bio, bio2, bio3) AGAINST ('smok each' IN BOOLEAN MODE)

How can I use the "*" operator in a way that the above query will return:

  • fields that contain the words: smoke, smoking ...,
  • fields that contain the words: teach, teacher, ...

So I need partial matches... and the most important thing is the match can be in every position of the word: beginning, middle, end - for example the word "each" would match teach and eachother


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Depending on how many fields you want to search through, wouldn't this work:

SELECT * FROM [Table] WHERE [bio] LIKE '%smok%' OR [bio] LIKE '%each%' OR [bio2] LIKE '%smok%' OR [bio2] LIKE '%each%'... etc
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