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First, here's what I want to do:

* Compile my library code into a SWC
* Do not staticly link the Flex framework

At first, I tried just setting up a Flex module, clicking the "library" and "use framework as an RSL" buttons. This however doesn't compile any of my code into the SWC, and it basically just compiles a new SWC of the entire Flex framework, all resources and classes included.

Then, I managed to get my classes into the build using a custom compiler config, but it still includes the few Flex classes that I reference in my library code.

Finally, I figured I could use the custom flex-config.xml file, remove the parent reference to the library using <library-path append="false"></library-path> and then using a custom command line parameter (and also from ant), add -compiler.external-library-path references to the SDK and PlayerGlobal.swc. This should probably work, but Idea won't let me set command line parameters when I'm using a custom config file :'(

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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OK, Through help on the Idea forums, much googling, and random experimentation, here's what worked. Take careful note that some parameters are specified like "{name}" and some are "${name}". No, I don't know why :-/

<!-- Specifies the minimum player version that will run the compiled SWF. -->
<!-- 9.0.124 is the April 2008 security release -->




    <keep-as3-metadata append="true">

    <!-- Remove the "include" library path. -->
    <library-path append="false"></library-path>

    <!-- Set up an "external library" path that is compiled against but not linked. -->
    <!-- SWCs not used for SP are left in but commented out to make it easier to copy this script -->





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