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I've my JavaFX app that calls some JNI code, uses a preloader jar and is compiled using jdk 1.7. Now when I run jar on another computer with JRE7, by:

  1. Double clicking jar: it starts but cannot load the JNI code containing libraries and therefore gets stuck.
  2. Running jar via terminal using "java -jar ": App runs completely normal!
  3. Now if I install jdk on this machine, it runs fine even with double click!

Can somebody tell me what is difference in these 3 cases?

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Try to add logging to your program, so that you can figure out why your JAR file doesn't execute properly.

You should look into if your manifest file is correct - there is a classpath in there you might want to take a look at.

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This may have something to do with the fact that JavaFX is not fully released with Java 1.7, but included more as a developer preview.

Also, JavaFX packaging and deployment is a little different than standard Java. There is a new utility called 'javafxpackager' that should be used when packaging JavaFX applications. Check out the documentation here:

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