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I don't know if I have chosen right title for my question.

I have developed an app and now I want to process text before assigning text to UILabel or UIView text property.

instead of

myLabel.text = story.text

do this:

myLabel.text = [story.text substituteCharactersOfText];

substituteCharactersOfText is a method of Category I have added to NSString class

so if I have a lot of label or another views, it will be difficult or errorProne to manually call this category method. (maybe I forgot one for anotherLabel.text)

so is there anyway to call this method automatically before assigning text to UILabel.text?

I think maybe there is way in objective-c I don't aware of (maybe an special use of delegate)!!

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Tried creating a sub class of NSString? –  Akshat Singhal Dec 30 '13 at 17:02
I have created a category on nsstring. would you explain more? I want substituteCharactersOfText only works when I'm assigning to UIView text property –  Hashem Aboonajmi Dec 30 '13 at 17:19

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Subclass UILabel and override setText:

@implementation HALabel

- (void)setText:(NSString *)text {
    [super setText:[text substituteCharactersOfText]];

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