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Just installed Eclipse 4.3 (Kepler) which comes with EGit (which I updated to EGit 3.2.201312181205-r), and Git for Windows. I cloned a repository in the Git for Windows Bash shell under an existing Eclipse workspace, and then in Eclipse imported it as a project. However, if I right click a file that I haven't changed and select Compare With > HEAD Revision, it shows all lines as different.

In the Git for Windows bash shell, git diff on the file shows nothing. Running od -c on the file in Git bash shows it has Windows-style line endings.

When I go into Eclipse preferences for Compare/Patch and say to ignore whitespace, it shows no differences. But I'd like to understand why that is necessary.

What is really being compared here?

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In the git configuration, what value does core.autocrlf have (use git config core.autocrlf)? – robinst Dec 30 '13 at 21:08
It's set to true. – jfklein Dec 30 '13 at 21:29
Could you find out what kind of line endings the file has in the Git repository? E.g. do git show HEAD:path/to/file > file.txt and look at the line endings. I suspect EGit may not be converting the line endings from LF to CRLF for the HEAD side of the comparison. – robinst Jan 9 '14 at 12:07
The show version of the file has LF only. – jfklein Jan 24 '14 at 2:28

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This is a know bug in Egit.

Even in Egit 3.4 (planned for June 2014) it won't be fixed. Robin Stocker gave this suggestion in the duplicate of the above bug:

Until this is implemented, I recommend this setup:

  1. For each Eclipse project, go to Properties > Resource and change "New text file line delimiter" to Other: Unix. Commit the resulting .settings/org.eclipse.core.runtime.prefs files.

  2. Don't configure any .gitattributes or "core.autocrlf" for Git. This means that files will have the same line endings in the working directory as in the repository. Git and EGit will not convert any file contents.

With 1., all new files that are created in Eclipse will have correct (LF) line endings, even when created by a user on Windows.

For files that are already in your repository with CRLF, you can fix them and commit the result. I recommend using dos2unix or fromdos on the command line.

However it's been reported that Egit ignores these settings when importing a project.

So it looks like all developers need to check the line endings themselves. But least you don't need any other tools to fix this. Under the File menu in Eclipse there's a: "Convert Line Delimiters To". Also note there are line ending settings for both individual projects and in the workspace settings.

For projects: right-click -> properities -> Resource

For Workspace: Window -> preferences -> General -> Workspace

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