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I have a problem with my local server ( WampServer ) . I am trying to run my website but some of the pages displayed incorrectly . This is an example : The browser (firefox version 26) displays the following

Sin noticias

'; } else { foreach( $news as $new ) { echo '
' . date_helper::timestamp_to_string( $new->date ) .'
       ' . $new->text .'
'; } } ?>

I'm using the Kohana framework version 2.3.4 . The apache version is: 2.2.22 , PHP version: 5.4.3 and mysql 5.5.24 . The code of the page I want to show is the following :

<?php defined('SYSPATH') OR die('No direct access allowed.'); ?>
<div class="general-content">

<? if( count( $news ) == 0 ) {
    echo '<p>Sin noticias</p>';
    foreach( $news as $new )
        echo '<p style="margin-bottom:20px"><span class="newsdate">'
             .  date_helper::timestamp_to_string( $new->date )
             .  $new->text
// Load the classic theme
// Initialize Galleria
<p><center><?= $pagination ?></center></p>

<? common::print_return_to_main_page() ?>

Is it a problem with php or apache ?

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it's because your short tag isn't recognized here:

<? if( count( $news ) == 0 ) {
   echo '<p>Sin noticias</p>';

Should be:

<?php if( count( $news ) == 0 ) {
   echo '<p>Sin noticias</p>';

That PHP is not seen as such and therefore not parsed, and the browser sees <? as a start tag which is ended by the </p> after "noticias". That's why you get your actual result on the page.

The reason of this is because you likely have short_open_tag directive disabled in your php.ini. Keep in mind that :

Since PHP 5.4.0, <?= is always available

which is the short for <?php echo, but that doesn't encompass the <? short tag in lieu of <?php

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Thank you very much! I fixed the problem. Now everything works correctly and I can continue working. Sometimes the simplest errors are more complicated. Regards –  plotus Jan 2 at 16:00
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