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Following the pytest docs, I created a file in the project's root directory called "setup.cfg" with the following contents:

norecursedirs = tmp* 

This works fine; calling --collect-only shows that all folders prefixed with "tmp" are ignored.

However, when I change tmp* to [!tmp] nothing happens ("nothing" as in calling --collect-only shows that all tests are displayed regardless of folder location.) perhaps I have the wrong syntax or the wrong idea of what "[!seq]" is supposed to do...?

So, my question - how do I specify norecursedirs to ignore everything except tmp (as an example).

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I guess you would need to specify [!t]* to only recurse into directories that start with t. In general, it appears to be hard to specify negative patterns with fnmatch-style glob matching. fnmatch docs contains more info but i guess you saw that already.

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