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We are developing a hybrid app using Phonegap.

Here is a concern we have. In LN#: 971, ( settings.setAllowUniversalAccessFromFileURLs(true); is called to allow an universal access from a file url. It perfectly works on Android Webkit-based WebView and Android 4.4 Chromium WebView. But it seems that it is not working on Amazon WebView so that my app cannot send an AJAX request to "", for example, from index.html.

We are wondering whether this is an known issue. Is there anyone who has successfully setup to use Amazon WebView without any problem described above?


[UPDATE] Example) setAllowUniversalAccessFromFileURLs() does not change the setting value...

AmazonWebView _webView = (AmazonWebView) appView;
AmazonWebSettings settings = _webView.getSettings();
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This issue has been resolved in the latest system/app update.

Go to Settings -> Device -> System Updates. Make sure you have the latest system version. Use "Check Now" option to check for system updates. Install updates and check if the problem is resolved.

If not,

  1. Which Kindle device are you testing on? (HDX or HD)
  2. What is the current system version?
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Yes, it has been resolved :) – soleiljy Mar 27 '14 at 3:52

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