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I have a cell that is displaying a date. I would like to add hours and minutes to the date being displayed, which, according to the jboss documentation, should be possible. I've tried a few variations to force the cell to display HH:mm with the m/d/y but have had no luck and haven't found much after googling. I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience or knows a solution. If there is any more information I can provide, I will!!

A variation of what I've tried..

<e:cell templates="tableCellTemplate"
                value="#{pivotRow.statusEntryDate}" forceType="date" mask="FORMAT9" style="xls-format-mask: FORMAT9" />
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I also tried mask="mm-dd-yyyy HH:mm" – jackie Dec 30 '13 at 20:43

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I know there exist a tag for this: "convertDateTime", maybe it could help. This is how it works:

<ui:composition xmlns:s=""

 <h:outputText value="#{pivotRow.statusEntryDate}">
   <s:convertDateTime pattern="MM-dd-yyyy hh:mm:ss a z" />

Here are the specs about convertDateTime

I used it with outputText tag as you can see, but maybe it works in your cell tag.

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Thanks for this information. I get <f:convertDateTime> Parent not an instance of ValueHolder because the cells are not a jsf component so I'm not sure how to get around this. Thank you though!! – jackie Jan 6 '14 at 16:17
I think this would be the best solution but doesn't work for SEAM's excel stuff. I ended up converting the date to a string in the java code. – jackie Jan 6 '14 at 19:29

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