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Aptana Studio is my primary Python IDE and I have been using it for years with much joy and success! Recently, when I start Aptana Studio it fails to recognize any PyDev projects that I have previously created. I noticed that this was happening after installing a recent update of the IDE. I tried uninstalling Aptana and resinstalling the latest version from the website. Nada...I updated Java thinking there might be a misalignment between Java versions or something like that. Nada...The latest version of Eclipse works fine and Aptana seems to be functioning correctly for everything except for PyDev (Python).

I am running a current version of Windows 8. Does anyone know how to fix this or maybe trouble shoot the problem? PyDev worked perfectly in Aptana Studio until I installed the update. Has anyone come across this and know how to fix it?

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I went back to the Aptana website and this time around it gave me Aptana Studio 3, build: which works fine. 3.5.0 does still not appear to work for Python development at the moment.

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I was able to get PyDev 3.0 installed along Aptana Studio 3 Release Candidate update site:


Other update sites available are documented there (click on the Aptana Studio tab).

This recent bug should be watched for further info.

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Aptana 3.5.0 and PyDev 3.0 does not work under Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks yet. PyDev reports builtin symbols such as None could not be recognized.

I rolled back to 3.4.2 as well.

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