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is it possible to use expression in the properties of a predicate (The .Year of the following example) ?

var p1 = new Predicate("ContractDate.Year", ">", 12);
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Update: The bug mentioned below was fixed as of Breeze 1.4.8.

You can use any OData function in a Breeze predicate so you can do this:

var query = new breeze.EntityQuery()
        .where("year(hireDate)", ">", 1993);

Note that there is a bug with local queries (i.e. EntityManager.executeQueryLocally) using OData date functions. This bug will be fixed in the 1.4.8 release, out later this week or next. This bug does not affect server queries.

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hi jay, thanks a lot! was not aware that odata includes this already. it would help to extend the query samples in your docs with just one of this guys :) let me know if it helps if i download and use current github code (i'm querying the local cache) – fops Jan 3 '14 at 8:37

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