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I'm wondering if there's an easy way in Angular to filter a table using ng-repeat on specific columns using or logic, rather than and. Right now, my filter is searching everything in the table (10+ columns of data), when it really only needs to filter on 2 columns of data (ID and Name).

I've managed to get it down to look only at those 2 columns when filtering (by using an object in the filter expression as per the docs and looking at this SO answer), but it's using and logic, which is too specific. I'd like to get it to use or logic, but am having trouble.


<input type="text" ng-model="filterText" />
      <tr ng-repeat="item in data"><td>{{ item.id }}</td><td>{{ item.name }}</td>...</tr>

My filter logic:

$filter('filter')(data, {id:$scope.filterText, name:$scope.filterText})

The filtering works, but again, it's taking the intersection of the matching columns rather than the union. Thanks!

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Not hard to create a custom filter with which you can have as many arguments as you want

var app=angular.module('myApp',[]);
app.filter('myTableFilter', function(){
  /* array is first argument, each addiitonal argument is prefixed by a ":" in filter markup*/
  return function(dataArray, searchTerm){
      if(!dataArray ) return;
      /* when term is cleared, return full array*/
      if( !searchTerm){
          return dataArray
           /* otherwise filter the array */
           var term=searchTerm.toLowerCase();
           return dataArray.filter(function( item){

              return item.id.toLowerCase().indexOf(term) > -1 || item.name.toLowerCase().indexOf(term) > -1;    

Then to use:

<!-- ":" is argument separator for function returned from custom filter -->
<tr ng-repeat="item in data | myTableFilter:filterText">
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Ah- thanks for the response! I just posted my own response as well- looks like we posted at the same time! –  jetcom Dec 31 '13 at 2:45

Use this to search on All Columns (can be slow): search.$ AngularJS API: filter

Any Column Search:
<input ng-model="search.$"> 
<tr ng-repeat="friendObj in friends | filter:search:strict">
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Very nice and simple. I haven't noticed any performance problems yet with 500+ entries of filterable data. –  Talasan Nicholson Jun 19 '14 at 20:48
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I figured it out- I had to write my own custom filter. Here is my solution:

var filteredData;

filteredData = $filter('filter')(data, function(data) {
  if ($scope.filter) {
    return data.id.toString().indexOf($scope.filter) > -1 || data.name.toString().indexOf($scope.filter) > -1;
  } else {
    return true;
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