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I've been contributing to a project in which there's a fixed pom.xml, but I tend to modify project.clj, temporarily, for various purposes. Most of the time, Leiningen seems to ignore pom.xml, but lein install and lein deploy rewrite pom.xml. Is this necessary to Leiningen's functioning? If not, can I stop it? Haven't found anything about this in the online docs yet.

It's not a big problem, but I'd rather not deal with having to restore the official pom.xml in my project before doing a 'git commit', for example.

EDIT: I discovered a solution for my situation, which is to create a 'checkouts' directory with a link to the other project. This causes the other project to be pulled in, without creating a new jar. However, I'm still curious: Does Leiningen need to create pom.xml e.g. for lein install? Why? I'd like to understand the process.

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Lately I've been using a different solution. Assuming the project uses git: First I make sure that all changes are committed or stashed. Then I do lein install followed by git stash. The only file that's changed by lein install is pom.xml. git stash undoes the changes made by lein install. (Then I change project.clj in the other project to reflect the new version number of the one I just installed, if that version number changed.) This process is a kludge, but I find it causes fewer complications than the checkouts method. – Mars Sep 15 '14 at 19:13

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