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When I add a new index page in activeadmin, I write some code like this:

# A default activeadmin page for yard overview
ActiveAdmin.register AdminUser do
  permit_params :email, :password, :password_confirmation

  index do
    column :email
    column :current_sign_in_at
    column :last_sign_in_at
    column :sign_in_count

  filter :email

  form do |f|
    f.inputs "Admin Details" do
      f.input :email
      f.input :password
      f.input :password_confirmation


In fact the activeadmin had create some view and controller, and I want to display some document info in yard server, but the yarddoc ignore this file.

What should I do ?

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You can not write documentation because Active Admin is Domain-specific language. Write good comments I do not see any other way.

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