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Folks, Im quite new to jade and bootstrap. Creating a simple form, which has dropdowns and checkboxes.

Right now my code looks as follows:

form(role="search",action='/uri/blah' method='post').navbar-form.navbar-left
        input(type="name", name="bae", placeholder="bae", required).form-control
            option(value="foo") foo
            option(value="bar") bar
            option(value="baz") baz
        input(type="text", name="X", placeholder="X", required).form-control
        input(type="checkbox", name="checkboxname", text="asdf").form-control
    button(type="submit").btn.btn-default Submit

Questions: 1.) Checkbox name, whats the proper syntax to label it? 2.) How to make the form more dynamic? Ie, if a checkbox is clicked or a dropdown is selected, another would appear?


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Unfortunately, in order to make it dynamic, you can't do it in Jade. You would have to rely on jQuery or other front-end libraries to handle that.

I label my Checkbox like this:

  input(type="checkbox", name="checkboxname", value="value").form-control
  | Checkbox Label Goes Here

If I want to set default values from the server:

  input(type="checkbox", name="checkboxname", value="value" checked=data.checked?"checked":undefined).form-control
  | Checkbox Label Goes Here
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Dont work unfortunately :( –  Cmag Dec 31 '13 at 5:53
Don't understand your question... –  tpae Dec 31 '13 at 7:33
However, the | content after a p tag must be indented, whereas here it isn't? This is confusing. –  cbmtrx May 29 at 18:21

The following works: (bootstrap3)

    input(type='checkbox', name='checkbox', value='test')
    |   check
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If you're using angular this works fine

    input(type="checkbox", name="myCheckbox")
    label(translate="TRANSLATE_TEXT", for="myCheckbox")
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