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I just want to list the most recent motion locations (say, 10 or less) that I have just located when using the (:jumplist), the default value 100 is too big that I have to page down to the most recent ones.

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I want to say no. I did a quick skim through the help and it seems the maximum is fixed at 100. I did not see any way to change it –  FDinoff Dec 31 '13 at 18:17

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First of all, there is no command :jumplist, I guess you meant :jumps

There is no option for that setting. but what you could do is, do :jumps as usual, when the "long" list displayed, pressing G will bring you to the most recent ones.

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it works, thanks –  AllenHu Jan 3 '14 at 7:14

Here is a definition of :Tail (and the corresponding :Head) command, which allows you to limit the output of any Vim command to 10 lines:

:Tail jumps
(showing only the last 10 jumps)


":[N]Head {cmd}     Show only the first 10 / [N] lines of {cmd}'s output.
":[N]Tail {cmd}     Show only the last 10 / [N] lines of {cmd}'s output.
function! s:CaptureCommand( command )
    redir => l:commandOutput
        silent! execute a:command
    redir END
    redraw  " This is necessary because of the :redir done earlier.
    return split(l:commandOutput, "\n")
function! s:Head( count, command )
    let l:lines = s:CaptureCommand(a:command)
    for l:line in l:lines[0:(a:count ? a:count : 10)]
        echo l:line
function! s:Tail( count, command )
    let l:lines = s:CaptureCommand(a:command)
    for l:line in l:lines[-1 * min([(a:count ? a:count : 10), len(l:lines)]):-1]
        echo l:line
command! -range=0 -nargs=+ Head call <SID>Head(<count>, <q-args>)
command! -range=0 -nargs=+ Tail call <SID>Tail(<count>, <q-args>)

More ideas

You can also use this to define a custom :Jumps command:

command! -range=0 Jumps <count>Tail jumps

With the cmdalias.vim - Create aliases for Vim commands plugin, you can even override the built-in :jumps with it.

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thanks for being so kindly to paste the Scriptlet –  AllenHu Jan 3 '14 at 7:15

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