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How can I link to a Google Wave, say e.g. in a website or an email like

Hey, just have a look to this new <a href="???">Wave</a> I created.

, where ??? is what I'm looking for.

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You can try first answer from this page:

1) Edit any Wave

2) Drag the Wave you want the link for into the Wave you are editing

3) Right click on the hyperlink that is automatically added from Step 2

4) Click on "Copy link address"

5) Paste the link address wherever you need

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Worked fine. Thanks! – Bernd Schiffer Jan 18 '10 at 10:14

I generally agree with ZhukovRA, but this doesn't seem to work completely.

The problem is that unless you are a participant of a wave, you don't see anything. So linking directly to a wave only makes sense if the wave is public.

The direct link generated looks like this:!1234567890 - where 1234567890 is the wave's ID, from what I can gather.

There's a Wordpress plugin for embedding waves, which is featured here:

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