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I have a python App Engine app and save files using the Google Cloud Storage API. However I need to get the serving URL for each file.

On production it is easy to figure out what the serving URL is as I prepend to /bucket/path/to/file.txt as I already have the bucket name and path to my file.

How do I figure out what the serving URL is on the dev server?

It seems straight forward enough to do this with images using images.get_serving_url which can now take either blobstore or Cloud Storage references.

How can I figure out the serving URL for all files, not just images in a way that is compatible with both the development and production App Engine environments?

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How are you storing objects in the development environment? – Nick Feb 24 at 20:40

You can use GCS via the blobstore API. See this section for how to set up a serving handler for a GCS key:

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That's definitely an option but it requires more than 'figuring out' or deducing the serving URL like can be done in production. I would need to add my own request handler and make an RPC call to blobstore.create_gs_key(). Therefore the request would touch my App Engine instances and use up extra resources. I am looking for a solution such as replacing with http://localhost:8080/_ah/storage for example. It seems a bit much to do all the above work just to get parity with development and production environments. – Dan Dec 31 '13 at 12:31
Is there a solution to access gcs on local appserver? I tried also the _ah/gcs in Java but it did not work. – flosk8 Aug 21 '14 at 21:31
Unfortunately the Java GCS Client Library uses the local Datastore / Blobstore [1] unlike the Python client, so a URL endpoint like _ah/gcs isn't available. Setting up your own serving handler is the only option available on dev. [1]… – Adam Feb 28 at 2:56

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