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In org-mode's HTML export, I'd like to specify some HTML code—specific to one file, not a generic HTML postamble—for org to insert at the very END of the exported HTML page, AFTER the automatically-generated footnotes section.

How do I do this? And do I have to create a separate heading for this HTML code? I also don't want a blank dummy heading to appear in the table of contents.

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To change the postamble of one org-file add the following lines at the bottom of the file:

# Local Variables:
# org-html-postamble: "test"
# End:

test stands here for the text you want to show in the postamble. No blank dummy heading.

After you have added/changed the file local variables you need to reload your file or to run M-x normal-mode to re-read the file local variables.

At reloading you are asked whether you want to accept the file local settings. Answer the question with ! to accept this kind of setting permanently.

To include a newline in the html source file you can use \n:

# Local Variables:
# org-html-postamble: "first line\nsecond line"
# End:

Alternatively, you can include newlines directly into the values of local variables. You just have to make sure that the prefix "# " is right:

# Local Variables:
# org-html-postamble: "first line
# second line
# third line"
# End:
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What if I want an HTML postamble that is many lines long? – incandescentman Dec 31 '13 at 19:44
Just put \\n as newline in. – Tobias Dec 31 '13 at 20:55
I've included a corrected version \n in the answer. – Tobias Jan 1 '14 at 5:14
You can include newlines directly in the value of a local variable. Maybe, that improves the clear representation of the value. I have edited the answer correspondingly. – Tobias Jan 2 '14 at 5:42

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