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I am working on making a helper that utilizes the Balanced library. Something that (for example) can do the logic of creating a customer if it doesn't exists, associating the respective card, and charging it, all inside one function. What I'm wondering is how would I start out this file with the specified namespace and use statements?

My index.php (for the CI application) contains

require(__DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php');

My helper file application/helpers/balanced_helper.php looks like this



function charge_new_customer($custEmail,$custCardDetails,$custChargeAmount){
    #function does lots of stuff here

My controller is where it calls the helper file. For example, a controller might look like the one below


class payment extends CI_Controller {

    public function __construct(){

    public function new(){
        $email = 'email@test.com';
        $cardDetails = array(
            'card_number' => '5105105105105100',
            'security_code' => '123',
            'expiration_month' => '05',
            'expiration_year' => '2015'
        $amount = 5000;
        $result = charge_new_customer($email,$cardDetails,$amount);

With a layout similar to the one above, how should I be starting out the helper file so that the necessary namespacing and use statements are done correctly?

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