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I search for a web crawler solution which can is mature enough and can be simply extended. I am interested in the following features... or possibility to extend the crawler to meet them:

  • partly just to read the feeds of several sites
  • to scrap the content of these sites
  • if the site has an archive I would like to crawl and index it as well
  • the crawler should be capable to explore part of the Web for me and it should be able to decide which sites matches the given criteria
  • should be able to notify me, if things possibly matching my interest were found
  • the crawler should not kill the servers by attacking it by too many requests, it should be smart doing crawling
  • the crawler should be robust against freak sites and servers

Those things above can be done one by one without any big effort, but I am interested in any solution which provide a customisable, extendible crawler. I heard of Apache Nutch, but very unsure about the project so far. Do you have experiences with it? Can you recommend alternatives?

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A quick search on GitHub threw up Anemone, a web spider framework which seems to fit your requirements - particularly extensiblility. Written in Ruby.
Hope it goes well!

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seems to be a good stuff, I like that it is ruby, which i like, the author created a nice dsl for crawlers. but compared to nutch still I don't see rss feed support and things like pdf crawling. but it is extendible. thanks for sharing the reference to anemone. – fifigyuri Jan 19 '10 at 8:31
No worries. Glad to help. – Joseph Salisbury Jan 19 '10 at 17:16

I've used Nutch extensively, when I was building the open source project index for my Krugle startup. It's hard to customize, being a fairly monolithic design. There is a plug-in architecture, but the interaction between plug-ins and the system is tricky and fragile.

As a result of that experience, and needing something with more flexibility, I started the Bixo project - a web mining toolkit.

Whether it's right for you depends on the weighting of factors such as:

  1. How much flexibility you need (+)
  2. How mature it should be (-)
  3. Whether you need the ability to scale (+)
  4. If you're comfortable with Java/Hadoop (+)
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I heartily recommend heritrix. It is VERY flexible and I'd argue is the most battle tested freely available open source crawler, as it's the one the Internet Archive uses.

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You should be able to find something that fits your needs here.

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are these things only created in java? – Toad Jan 18 '10 at 13:32
The article is titled, "Open Source Web Crawlers Written in Java". However, you can find web crawlers built in other languages that may provide you with what you need. – Brian Mansell Jan 26 '10 at 16:08

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