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In one of my blogspot blog, I have written 25 posts with tag "XYZ". Now I want to attach one more tag "PQR" to those posts. I don't want to edit each and every post to add the new tag. How can I achieve my task in a shorter way?

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1.Sign in to blogger

2.Click in you blog name

3.Click on posts

4.On the Top right corner,to the left of the search bar,you would see a drop down box written as "all labels".Click it and select "xyz

5.Now Check each post.(the checkbox is to the left of the title of post)

6 Immeditialy at the top,to the left of publish button,there would be drop down box...click on new label and type "pqr".Thats it

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Thanks for this tip!! I worked :) –  rope Jan 2 at 5:40

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