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I am testing drivers like SPI,DMA, Ethernet, USB ,MMC. For testing SPI, I can see devices in /sys/class/spidev but not in /dev/ because of restricitons of file system provided. can i test the SPI in this case, if not provide me slution to test spidev device.
when I checked in kernel documentation/spi/spidev_test : it is opening device in /dev/spidev1.1 . for testing the same it is different scenario. Can you please guide how I can test the same.

Thank you in advance. Regards Satish.G

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Updated comment: If the spidev driver is loaded, you can manually create devices with mknod... You MIGHT be able to use the kernel interface, but I'm not sure on the requirements.... kernel.org/doc/Documentation/spi/spi-summary –  Gert van den Berg Dec 31 '13 at 7:35

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