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I'm using a 3rd party class called TextureScale (http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php?title=TextureScale) which scales Texture2Ds in Unity. I have been able to use TextureScale.Point() to scale my textures, but it gives me low quality results. I wanted to try TextureScale.Bilinear() instead, but it gives me an empty texture when I do. There is no error. What am I doing wrong? But I am not sure that this would give me better results because I found this (http://jon-martin.com/?p=114) which seems to scale using Bilinear and the result is still low quality.

Is there a better way to scale textures in Unity and get ok results? Note that the source textures are significantly bigger (at least 4x) than the size I am scaling them to. Also, there is text in the images.

Thank you

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It probably has something to do with your import options on your texture. Point, Bilinear, or Trilinear? –  Grey Jan 1 at 6:20
it was bilinear –  Cruzer Jan 1 at 7:56
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So I saw that there were many optimizations that Unity does on imported textures. The offending one in this case was 'Create Mip Maps'. With this unchecked the textures looked much better.

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