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In wso2 esb 4.5.1, i don't have option of direct task scheduling for sequence or proxy service. so, i try to use property name SoapAction and to in task scheduling but iam getting the below error,

ERROR - TaskManagementHelper Invalid XML has been provided for property : message ERROR - TaskManagementHelper Invalid XML has been provided for property : format

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What is your task configuration? –  Ratha Jan 2 at 4:38

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Here is a sample "Scheduled Task" that inject 2 times an XML message


It works with ESB 4.5.1

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<task xmlns="http://ws.apache.org/ns/synapse"
   <trigger count="2" interval="5"/>
   <property xmlns:task="http://www.wso2.org/products/wso2commons/tasks"
   <property xmlns:task="http://www.wso2.org/products/wso2commons/tasks"
   <property xmlns:task="http://www.wso2.org/products/wso2commons/tasks" name="message">
      <root xmlns="">

format and to properties are literal types

message property is an XML type

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