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I want to store an image browsed by a file input to database. I am browing the image using redactor plugin using this code


Using this when i select or browse an image i am directly sending that image to server using meteor HTTP-methods

    '/uploads': function(data) {
     return JSON.stringify({'Hello':"hello"});

Here when i am doing console.log data I am getting the 64bit binary code for the image. Now i want to save this data to the mongodb database.
I am using meteor-collection 2 for defining fields and their types. But i couldn't get which data type i have to use to store image to the mongo db.
I am trying to use mongodb gridfs to store the image. Tell me how can i store image in mongodb ? Thanx

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Have a look at this package, it provides everything you need : https://github.com/CollectionFS/Meteor-CollectionFS

I use it to store file in Mongo in different app.

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