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I am trying to code neural network, and using nguyen-widrow for weight initialization.I am quite confused about this matter. In nguyen-widrow algorithm said that at first we count the Beta value which are:


p=number of hidden units n=number of input units

for n and p, do we need to count the bias node also? I mean if total hidden node without bias node is 5 then value of p should be 6, is that true? or is it still 5?

thank you

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First of all, there is no bias node (unit) in artificial neural networks. Each node (unit) have a bias input as well as other inputs. So, number of hidden units (p) is constant and in your example is always 5.

The thing that might change when you add bias is number of inputs (n), I searched in some articles and text books, none of them explained it. But from examples I think you should not count bias as an input unit. So if you have a 4 input nodes and a bias, n will be 4.

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