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I have a model where I can get my index action to return a list of objects back as json but I need each one to return a list of sub elements over an association.

I have tried the following but the coasters are not being output. Is there a way this can return each parks coasters?

  format.json do
    render json: Park.scoped(include: :coasters)
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Try something like :

render json: Park.joins(:coasters).select("parks.*,coasters.*")  # parks.*, coasters.* refers to actual table names
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With this, I don't seem to get the Parks being returned? – rctneil Dec 31 '13 at 14:50

This could be achieved with active_model_serializers gem.

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the code should looks like this

  format.json do
    render json: Park.scoped.to_json(include: :coasters)

more info can be find here

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