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I decided to move my project to a different google account. After doing this and creating new android application ids and web client ids and inputting them into my project I get the following message in the error log of appengine:

com.google.api.server.spi.WebApisUserService isClientIdAllowed: ClientId in token was not allowed: XXXXXXXXXX-32fd3966s73fv8llfnqqv69h48bfj7o3.apps.googleusercontent.com

The address is the same as the one I have put in under clientIds in my endpoints class. It is also the same as the one under Client ID for Android application. I am using appengine sdk 1.8.8 and google api-client 1.16.0rc I have also tried it with 1.15rc and 1.17rc and SDK 1.8.7. I have attempted creating a new project and uploading to that but keep getting the same error message. I have also generated a new key and signed my application with that after creating the corresponding Client ID for Android application in appengine and updating my endpoint class with this. I have also updated my generated endpoints class in my android project.

Anyone have any other suggestions? This application was working just fine prior to moving. In fact I still have the app running on my other account.

Edit: Managed to get it working after restoring a backup from a few days ago and going through the same steps again. Still no idea what went wrong

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