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I have limited use in the site that Im working on. I want to create different roll over effects for my images. It would be easier if I included the site so you can take a look. The page Im talking about is: http://www.andrewtoyota.com/2014-highlander If you look to the right I have an image of a car with colors below. Im trying to make it so when you roll over a color it changes the image of the car above. I have 9 separate images save each one has the car with the correct color below (the shapes are sort of like tabbed pages) so that if they were to be layed on top of each other (the images) the color circles would be showing for each image how do I make it so the circle color images point to the correct car image?

I have found answers how to do this with adding content to the but i only have access to the HELP

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