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Does anybody know any good video tutorial for Emacs (basics)? I found very good tutorials for Vim in Youtube and Vimeo. But for some reason, emacs's video tutorials have all bad quality (can't even read the code).

Any suggestions? (I know you can call me lazy reader)

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Not exactly an answer to your question, but I suggest browsing the Emacs Wiki. You can usually find information there on any Emacs feature / mode / ... that you can think of, plus you can ask questions if you can't figure something out. It also has a newbie page for new comers in case you have no past Emacs experience. And finally, the Nifty Tricks page is full of tips that are appropriate even to more seasoned Emacs users.

Regarding Emacs screencsts, I've watched a bunch of them (mostly about specific editing modes like the erlang-mode or slime) and most of them are unfortunately of questionable image quality. But have a look at the ones mentioned here, maybe you'll get lucky. Also, there's a PeepCode screen cast which, I'm sure if of good quality, but it costs $9.00.

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I suggest to checkout, which has decent number of videos on emacs

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