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I don't want an empty email field in my form to trigger a Doctrine_Validator_Exception. But, since Doctrine_Validator_Email uses "is_null()" to check for empty (non-existing) values (and the POST ['email'] contains an empty string), it does.

Is this correct? Is there a simple way around this?

This also has an impact when trying to set a column as unique (trying to store a second empty string in the column triggers the validator).

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance, Erland Wiencke

(Symfony 1.4.1/Doctrine 1.2)

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I ran into this same problem in our Doctrine 1.2 application. In my case, the fix ended up adding this workaround to the record's merge() method:

    $this->email = trim($this->email);
    if ($this->email == '') {
        $this->email = null;
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There are several ways, not tested, but seem to work alltogether or separately:

1) $this->validatorSchema['email'] = null;


2) $this->validatorSchema['email'] = sfValidatorPass();


3) $this->validatorSchema->setOption('allow_extra_fields', true);


4) Just set required attribute to false:

$this->widgetSchema['email'] = sfWidgetFormInputText(array('required' => false));
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Thanks, but the sf validators are not the issue. There also appears to be a couple of errors in your example ('required' option on a widget being one). – Erland Wiencke Jan 19 '10 at 8:03

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