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In iOS - you can do something like this:

CGPoint globalPoint = [someView convertPoint:point fromView:self];

This give you a point from some view in the reference frame of another view.

What is the equivalent for this in Android?

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I think you just need to cater for the respective scroll offsets?

So assuming you're using a basic Point class, with floats x, y, you could have a helper function:

public static Point convertPoint(View view, Point point, View fromView) {
  return new Point(view.getScrollX() + point.x - fromView.getScrollX(), 
                   view.getScrollY() + point.y - fromView.getScrollY());
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This doesn't seem to handle transforms such as TranslationX, TranslationY, ScaleX and ScaleY. – jjxtra Jun 24 '15 at 22:55

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