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I need to write an OpenOffice macro that tries to match a series of regexs against some text I've selected and then replace it with a replacement string that contains captured groups.

I've tried the following (borrowed and modified from some on-line code) but it doesn't recognise $0,$1,$2,$3 as captured groups and just prints them out as literals.

This is what I've tried:

Sub Stem1P()
Dim oDoc,oText,oVC,oStart,oEnd,oFind,FandR
oDoc = ThisComponent : oText = oDoc.Text
oVC = oDoc.CurrentController.getViewCursor

aFind = Array( "([^aāiīuūṛṝḷḹeo[:space:]])(a)([^aāiīuūṛṝḷḹeo]h{0,1})[:space:]{0,1}",_

aReplace = Array ( "$0 1P = $1[guṇa $2$3]->$1[$2$3]->$1a$3 + a->$1a$3a",_ 
"$0 1P = $1[guṇa $2$3]->$1[a+$2$3]->$1e$3 + a->$1e$3a",_ 
"$0 1P = $1[guṇa $2$3]->$1[a+$2$3]->$1o$3 + a->$1o$3a",_ 
"$0 1P = $1[guṇa $2$3]->$1[a+$2$3]->$1ar$3 + a->$1ar$3a",_ 
"$0 1P = $1[guṇa $2$3]->$1[a+$2$3]->$1al$3 + a->$1al$3a")

aRayCount = 0
While aRayCount <= uBound(aFind)
oStart = oText.createTextCursorByRange(oVC.Start)
oEnd = oText.createTextCursorByRange(oVC.End)
FandR = oDoc.createReplaceDescriptor
With FandR
    SearchString = aFind(aRayCount)
    ReplaceString = aReplace(aRayCount)
    searchCaseSensitive = true
    SearchWords = false
    SearchRegularExpression = true
End With
     oFind = oDoc.FindNext(oStart.End,FandR)
    If isNull(oFind) then Exit Do
    If oText.compareRegionEnds(oFind,oEnd) < 0 then Exit Do
    oFind = oDoc.FindNext(oFind.End,FandR)

  aRayCount = aRayCount + 1
End Sub

When I select the text budh and then run the macro it doesn't recognize $0,$1,$2,$3 as captured groups but prints:

$0 1P = $1[guṇa $2$3]->$1[a+$2$3]->$1o$3 + a->$1o$3a

instead of what I want which is :

budh 1P = b[guṇa udh]->b[a+udh]->bodh + a -> bodha

Thanks, Harry Spier

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